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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Philip Barber, DMD- General Dentist

For over 20 years, Dr. Barber has been committed to his profession and dedicated to his patients. His fascination with dentistry began at an early age and for his undergraduate education, he attended Brandeis University. He graduated with a major in Biology in 1980 and a determination to become a doctor of dental medicine. After a brief career in genetic research, Dr. Barber attended Tufts University School of Dentistry and attained his DMD designation in 1985.

In addition to his academic successes, Dr. Barber also excelled at his residency, rotating through New England Medical Center, Carney Hospital, Fernald School for the Handicapped and Shattuck Hospital. Through his residency, he gained experience with a wide variety of patient cases and populations. These experiences helped him gain an extensive understanding of various methods for patient care and how to help patients have the best dental experience possible.

As an accomplished dental professional, Dr. Barber was asked to teach new residents at Carney Hospital, which he enjoyed doing early in his career. He also provided dental care for various practices throughout the Greater Boston area for several years before coming to South Boston Dental Associates.

In 1987, he began caring for patients at South Boston Dental Associates, and in 1988, he became partner in the practice. Since 2008, he has been the sole owner serving over 4,000 patients. 

Known for being a perfectionist, Dr. Barber's patients often comment on his thoroughness. Patients tell us that Dr. Barber's commitment to excellence helped them feel very comfortable and happy with their experience. His motto is that every patient should walk out the door feeling great about their experience and happy that they came to the office. 

Dr. Barber lives in Boston and enjoys traveling, including frequent trips to Cape Cod. He looks forward to meeting you and welcomes you to the South Boston Dental Associates family. Ferro, DMD- General Dentist

Dr. Ferro received her DMD degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2011. Before beginning her career as a dentist, she graduated from Connecticut College with a bachelor’s degree in behavioral neuroscience, and subsequently began working as a lab technician researching neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. 

Recognized for her “Clinical Excellence and Patient Care,"  Dr. Ferro takes a very interpersonal, patient approach to working with patients. She takes the time to thoroughly explain to each patient what they might expect, answers any questions they may have, and goes the extra mile to make sure all her patients are comfortable and happy with their experience.

Practicing dentistry in the greater Boston area for over five years, Dr. Ferro has treated patients of all ages and is particularly sensitive to those with dental anxiety. Considering dentistry to be the perfect mix of art and science, she thoroughly enjoys the artistic aspect of dentistry and loves helping people achieve the smile they’ve always wanted (She often lovingly refers to her work as “mini architecture in the mouth”).

Dr. Ferro also strives to stay up to date on the latest dental technologies and frequently attends continuing education courses. Her professional memberships include the American Dental Association and Massachusetts Dental Society. In addition to her passion for patient care in dentistry, Dr. Ferro is also passionate about animals, contributing to organizations such as the MSPCA and the National Wildlife Federation. In her spare time, Dr. Ferro enjoys drawing, painting, hiking, spending time with her daughter and pets. Michelle Crohin, DMD- Periodontist

Dr. Crohin is a graduate of Harvard School of Dental Medicine where she received a Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) and a certificate of General Practice Residency (Brigham and Women's Hospital) in 1998. She received a Masters of Medicine Science (MMSC) and completed her periodontal training at HSDM in 2001. After practicing her periodontal specialty in both Maryland and Texas, Dr. Crohin moved to Massachusetts in 2009, and has been caring for patients in the Boston area ever since.

She is a published author on the subject of diabetes and gum disease, and served as the President of the Harvard Odontological Society in 2015. Dr. Crohin has also been Board Certified in Periodontics (Diplomate) since 2005 and re-certified in 2008.  She is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Periodontology, the Massachusttes Dental Society and the Harvard Odontological Society.

Dr. Crohin is an experienced surgeon who is passionate about the surgery aspect of dental care and educating patient and cares for our patients who are in need of periodontal (gum) treatment or dental implant placement (replacing missing teeth). She also has extensive experience in bone and gum grafts, a procedure which helps patient replace missing gum or bone tissue. In addition, Dr. Crohin also uses some non-surgical techniques to assist patients, including the use of anti-biotics or scaling (deep cleaning of the gums).

Dr. Crohin enjoys the variety involved in her work, the mix of art and science involved in dentistry, and loves working with her patients to help them have a smile they love. 

 Peter Rider, DMD- Endodontist

Since the 5th grade, Dr. Peter Rider knew he wanted to be in dentistry. Though no one in his family was a dentist, Dr. Rider knew he wanted to pursue this passion. After graduating from Providence College in 1967, he went on to receive his DMD at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Rider then served in the United States Air Force for two years, where he received a Commendation Medal. He was based in Turkey, and worked as a dentist for his service. It was during these years that he discovered his talent and skill in endodontics, otherwise known as “root canals.”

Upon returning from his Air Force duty, Dr. Rider pursued and obtained an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Endodontics from Buffalo State University. He then spent over 10 years in a private practice in Boston before coming to work with South Boston Dental.  

With his calming nature, friendly tone, and professional excellence, Dr. Rider makes patients feel at ease. Although many patients have a fear of root canals, Dr. Rider's patients are often very relaxed about their procedure, and many rave about their experience afterwards. 

He lives in downtown Boston and enjoys various entrepreneurial pursuits as well as playing tennis, cross country skiing, and biking. Bansal, DMD- Orthodontist

From the time she was a child, Dr. Neetu Bansal knew she wanted to be in dentistry. Her uncle and cousins were all dentists, so she developed a love for the industry at an early age.

After graduating high school, she attended the Government Dental College in India and came to the United States in 1999 to continue her education. She then attended Boston University School of Dental Medicine and graduated as a DMD in 2005. She was ranked first in her class.  

Dr. Bansal then pursued her specialty education and received her Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Orthodontics in 2006 and completed her orthodontic residency at the Boston University School of Medicine in 2014.

Driven by her desire to help her patients have more confidence and overall oral health, Dr. Bansal helps patients to straighten their teeth through a variety of methods, including using Invisalign, which she is a certified provider of. She loves to help children and adults with orthodontic treatment so they can have the smile they've been waiting for, feel better about themselves, and even be able to eat foods they were not able to comfortably eat before their teeth were aligned.

Known for her warmth and engagement with patients, Dr. Bansal has received numerous awards including a Procedure Performance Award, and Academic Distinction award, and is a published author.

She is also a member of the American Association of Orthodontists and regularly takes continuing educational courses in a wide array of dentistry topics, including sleep apnea.  

Dr. Bansal has been practicing dentistry in New England since 2006 and enjoys spending time with her family, camping and playing tennis.



These bio’s are just a short glimpse into the background of our dentists. Upon meeting them you will get to see their enthusiasm and dedication to the profession shine through not only their craftsmanship but also their desire to meet your dental needs. Feel free to ask them questions and get to know them a little better!